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Peacock Bass Fishing With Capt. Wright Taylor

Peacock Bass Fishing with Capt. Wright Taylor

A few years ago a good customer and I went over towards the other coast in search of Peacock Bass. Peacock Bass were introduced by the State of Florida back in 1984, purely for the pleasure of recreational anglers. They are very prolific in South Florida, until we have a major cold front, and that can set them back a bit. But they always seem to rebound. And my customer and I did find several by the way.

This year I’ve made several trips over to see if I could dial them in a little more. The first trip we caught like 6. The second trip we tried something different and caught 16. And I just went back for a third time and we probably caught 10. All the while catching Oscars and Mayan Cichlids, which fight tremendously hard for their size. And you can catch literally a hundred of them. And we did catch a few Largemouth Bass too. When you go over there, it’s a catching trip, not a fishing trip. It’s really a fun time to be able to go over and catch a pile of fish when the Snook and Tarpon fishing in the Everglades may be a little off, or you’re just tired of seeing so many damn other boats. 

Here are some of the better ones we caught over the past three trips. 

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