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Wright Taylor is a full time guide operating from Marco Island, the largest of the 10,000 Islands. So, the area that he fishes is literally in his backyard. The 10,000 Islands go southeast and fade right into the north end of the Everglades National Park, and to the north of Marco Island is miles of fishy water towards Naples.

Capt. Wright is a native of Texas. After many trips to the Florida Everglades, he decided to pack up all of his gear and move here, for the fishing. He has spent countless days on the water exploring much of intricacies found in this area. Fishing with every type of equipment, Fly, Spin and Baitcaster, he is prepared to take all types of anglers, as well as skill level.

This area is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. There are many different types of eco-systems here, lots of different species of fish and the bird life is incredible. When people ask him where he likes to vacation, he says “Right Here”.

Capt. Wright has three different types of boat to fish from. All of these boats are on trailers so they are able to fish locally from Goodland or be trailered down to Chokoloskee and launch right into the north end of the Everglades.



  • 17’8”
  • Floats very shallow
  • Rides very nice for a shallow draft skiff
  • Speed is in the low 30’s
  • Maximum anglers-2


  • 15’10”
  • Incredible ride and ultra dry. This is my primary Tarpon skiff when fly fishing.
  • Speed is 30-32 MPH
  • Maximum anglers-2
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