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The “Big” island surrounded by “Fishy” waters.


Marco Island is the largest of the 10,000 Islands. The 10,000 Islands go southeast towards Everglades City and they received that name for a reason. I’ve heard it said that there are so many Islands here, they quit counting at 10,000! Everyone of these Islands make for spectacular fishing, with points, creeks and rivers, making it an anglers dream. There are close to 145 square miles to explore!


Snook Fishing

Snook are an awesome creature. They chase flies or plugs down with reckless abandon and once hooked they run and jump and do their best to get back to the trees where their safety net is, your job is to keep them away… They range in size from small to really large, you may catch some smaller fish, that are plenty fun, to a fish over 15 lbs that will make your heart race and your knees shake.


Redfish are just a great all around awesome fish. They roam around in shallow waters and are eager to take a fly or a jig. They are bulldogs, they fight and pull hard and sometimes you wonder if they’ll ever give up. They range from small to upwards of 30+ inches. They are a great, cooperative fish.


Known as the Silver King, Tarpon are the holy grail for anglers. Just the sight of one makes you nervous, and once hooked, most have never know exhilaration on this level. They jump and fight and pull drag like no other inshore species. out Tarpon range from small juvenile, about 5-20 lbs, to medium sized ones about 20-50 lbs, and the giants that move through here in the Spring that range from 60-100+ lbs. Make sure you’re heart is in good shape if you come down for one of these beast!

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    Trips start based on the tides. Some days may be split to take advantage of tidal movement where we fish in the morning and then again in the afternoon. The goal is to spend as much time on the water fishing.

    Trip Rates

    Skiff fishing:

    Please call 239-821-9203 or e-mail for pricing.

    Bay Boat for two anglers:

    Please call 239-821-9203 or e-mail for pricing.

    Fishing does not end at any certain time. If the fish are there, we are going to try to catch them.

    Deposit Required

    Fishing charters are on a first come, first serve basis. I recommend booking early for tarpon season, which is March through July. A $100 deposit is required to hold a date.

    Cancellation Policy

    I do understand that emergencies arise and we are not in control of the weather. I ask that if you are unable to fish due to an emergency, please let me know as soon as possible. Weather related cancellations are at the guide’s discretion. Some conditions may warrant us starting our day earlier or later to accommodate for weather. I will do my best to reschedule the trip if weather is a factor. For cancellations made more than a month in advance of the trip date, the deposit will be refunded or moved to a newly re-scheduled date.

    Your Trip Includes:

    • Fishing License
    • Rods, Reels, Flys and/or Lures
    • A cooler with Ice and Water

    What to Bring:

    • Polarized Sunglasses, preferably amber or copper lenses
    • A hat to keep the sun out of your eyes
    • Clothes to keep the sun off of you
    • A light rain jacket in case of rain or if its chilly in the morning
    • Any food or snacks that you might want during the day
    • Anything to drink besides water

    You’re welcome to bring your own tackle. I provide high end fishing gear and tackle, so if you would rather not risk breaking your own while traveling, you can count on fishing with “Top Shelf” gear while you’re here.


    Capt. Wright will contact you before your trip to select a time which is based upon the tide and weather. Please plan to meet at the following location:

    385 Angler Drive, Goodland, FL 34145

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