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Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

This year, it would be easy to be a Meteorologist. All you’d have to do is say “Today is going to be windy”. I’m having a hard time remembering a season that’s been this windy for this long. I will have to admit, when the wind has not blown, which hasn’t been very often, the fishing seems to spike upward. This last week was one of those times. I had longtime customers Jake and Bill in from Texas for 5 days. 3 of the 5 were near perfect, the last 2 it blew.

So, as I mentioned, when the wind was light, the fishing was good. We landed 5 tarpon and jumped that many and then some. The last 2 days when the wind blew, so did the fishing. And as I sit here, on a Monday, the forecast for Thursday and Friday is 20-30… just lovely.

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