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Smallie Fishing Up North

Smallie Fishing Up North

I recently went on a little road trip. I fished pretty hard all the way through the 8th of August here in Marco Island. On August 14th I loaded my truck and headed north, which is really the only way you can go from Marco Island… I went to Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and finally Wisconsin. I fished in all but Illinois and caught Smallmouth Bass in TN, KY, IN and WI. Smallmouth Bass are an unbelievable fish, if I had to leave the Gulf Coast, it would be to somewhere that Smallies live.

So, to all my friends that may read this that have never fished for Smallies, go do it, you won’t regret it. And to all my friends and customers that may read this that live up north that don’t regularly fish for Smallies, are you crazy!!! Go do it! You’ve got one heck of a gem right in your backyard.

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