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Everglades Summer Fishing Report

Everglades Summer Fishing Report

Back in July, I had the annual Varga Family trip. I’ve been fishing them in some form or another for about 18 years. During that time they went from one to two daughters, both going from little girls to girls that are driving, one added a boyfriend (that she still has, despite what her father and I think…lol), and that one has even gone off to college.

All this time I’ve watched many, many fish get caught, both girls can throw baitcasters and topwater plugs better than most men, and all of them will fish harder than anyone. They are a very fishy family. So, each year when they come over I know that some great fishing times are going to be had.

My friend Scott Sommerlatte helped out this year and was able to put Pat on a massive Snook.

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