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Everglades Fishing Report By Capt. Wright Taylor

Everglades Fishing Report by Capt. Wright Taylor

Well, mother Nature strikes yet again…

Funny how the more the wind blows, the more you get use to it. One of those things where you learn to cope, I guess. And just when you thought, surely this is the last front, we just had another one, but that’ll be another story.

I had Greg B in town a few weeks ago, hoping to do some Tarpon fishing. Well, that got canned so we went Snook fishing. We had a good two days of fishing, caught quite a few Snook, and even a couple of Tarpon (they were really, really small). Wore our jackets most of the day and hid from the wind the beat we could. Fly fishing in 20 mph wind can be a challenge, but, here in the Everglades, there’s always a shoreline to hide out on.

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