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Everglades Winter Fishing Report By Capt. Wright Taylor

Everglades Winter Fishing Report by Capt. Wright Taylor

As our tourist season starts up, folks from the north are coming down, especially after this massive cold front the country just experienced. I was able to get out before the cold weather with one of my regulars, Tom O from St Louis, and we ended up having a good day, after a pretty slow start. the fishing since the hurricane has not been what it should be.

Everglades Snook Fishing Charters

The fish seem displaced and throwing flies or jigs seems a little slow, but there seems to be pockets of fish and if you find them the fishing can be really good. But it does seem like you look around a lot for those pockets… After 6 hours of fishing and only catching a few Jacks, Trout and some Ladyfish, the tide started to get lower so I went to a spot where I had seen some pretty big Snook. We caught one that was about 28” and another small one. We left that spot and went to another and caught one that was about 32”. So after a pretty long day, the last hour proved to be awesome.

As a side note, I never look at the solunar tables, mainly because what difference does it make, I’m gonna be out there anyways. Well, I checked the table out after I got home and sure enough, the predicted feeding time was 1:30-3, which is exactly when we caught those fish. Now, even though I don’t look at the solunar table I know that there is some accuracy to them, so if you don’t know about them or don’t ever pay attention to them, you should start and just see if they’re accurate for you. 

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