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Everglades Winter Fishing Report By Capt. Wright Taylor

Everglades Winter Fishing Report by Capt. Wright Taylor

Well, we’re deep into the Winter fishing here in the Everglades. One cold front after another with days between them pretty nice. Even on some of the more tough weather days, the fishing can be pretty good. And on some of the more nicer days, the fishing can be tough. I guess the old adage is true, you don’t know unless you go… On a slick calm day several weeks back, obviously between fronts, an unbelievable day happened. I was fishing with one of my good customers for Snook. We caught at least 39 fish that day, Fred was keeping count. Some of those were not Snook but fish none the less. The unbelievable part was that we had 5 Snook over 28”, 4 of them over 30”, 2 were 33” and 34”. I’ve never had a day where I’ve caught that many really big Snook, on fly. The stars were definitely lined up for us on that day.

Capt. Wright Taylor

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