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Everglades Summertime Fly Fishing Report

Everglades Summertime Fly Fishing Report

Summertime is never a disappointment. It’s clearly my favorite time of year to fish. The crowds are gone and the fish are here. I wish some of my seasonal guys could experience the Summertime but I’m pretty sure they would melt in our humidity. The heat is one thing but the humidity, you don’t even need to move and you’re sweating. I had Brandon B. here from Texas the first part of August. Texans do well here in the Summertime because they’re used to the heat and humidity over there. We fished two days and caught a decent number of fish, on fly. Nothing too great except for a little wad of Tarpon that we found. We hooked two, jumped one that broke off and landed one.

Capt. Wright Taylor

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