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Everglades Fall Fishing Report

Everglades Fall Fishing Report

It’s always funny to me how the fishing can be so good, and the weather seems perfect, right up until the first massive push of Snow Birds come down. It’s almost like they all come down in such a big bunch that they create some sort of weather phenomenon that makes the wind blow, who knows, I’m not a meteorologist. So, as it goes, all of my customers showed up around the same time and the weather changed, and so did the fishing. We were catching fishing everywhere, and plenty of them, and now I find myself having to work harder. But it should settle in pretty soon to a more stable pattern. Yesterday I feel like we had a pretty good day, saw and caught some nice Redfish and Speckled Trout and a few Snook. Today is a new day!

Mark from Texas back in the Summer.
Jim from Arizona back in the Summer.
Fred from Cincinnati just the other day.
Billy from North Carolina just the other day.

Wright Taylor


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