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Everglades Fishing Report

Everglades Fishing Report

It’s been a busy last several weeks. I fished quite a few days in a row and then went on a personal trip to Virginia to Smallmouth Bass fish, came home on Wednesday in time to fish Thursday and then fish a tournament on Saturday…and now I’m fishing tomorrow and Wednesday.

Anyways, about the fishing. The Everglades is where I’ve been fishing the most, it’s been pretty good, especially on spin. This time of year always seem to be the most productive with lures, or bait if you want to sink to that level…lol. The Snook nite has been really good, no big ones though. Redfish are all over the place, except when you need one for a tournament. And the small tarpon seem to be almost everywhere I go, but they will only eat if you get it close to them.

As September comes to a close, and I turn the big 50, October should still fish well. Although it does seem to be a transition month and the fishing can get tougher until they get into their Fall routine.

Capt. Wright Taylor

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